Shannon Major


Shannon Major | Secretary

Carlisle and Gallagher

Shannon Major is a Consultant with Carlisle and Gallagher Consulting Group (CG), a management and technology consulting firm. As an Escalation Point of Contact, Shannon is a liaison between her client and other lines of business. This role enables her to ensure Quality Control Testing in the National Mortgage Settlement is brought to completion.


Shannon graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2010. She has been an employee with CG for over 4 years, during which time she was recognized for maintaining 100% quality scores and awarded Shining Star Recognition for the success of her project and providing exceptional service to the client.


Shannon serves as EWL's Secretary. Because of the many mentors in her life, she realizes the impact an enthusiastic, problem-solving mentor can have on one's career, as well as one's life.


Shannon enjoys spending time with some of the most important people in her life - her nieces and nephews. She loves to read, enjoys preparing finger foods for her family and co-workers, and has a passion for organizing family reunions and other events.