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Empowering Women through scholarships and mentoring



Why do we call them our STARS?

It has been said that STARS produce their own light and energy.

EWL STARS are deserving non-traditionally aged women who are provided the mentoring and education to help them ignite their own light and energy so they may shine bright in the future lives and careers.

At Texas Women’s University each STAR receives $750.00 per semester, plus mentoring. Scholarship amounts will vary with respective Chapters depending upon the relationship with their partner college/university.

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Gladys Acosta
Gladys AcostaMajor | Bilingual Education
Graduation | May 2018
Rachel Arnquist
Rachel ArnquistMajor | English
Graduation | December 2017
Elena Belk
Elena BelkMajor | Dental Hygienist
Graduation | December 2017
Virginia-Ann Bernal
Virginia-Ann BernalMajor | Community Health
Graduation | May 2017
Melissa Bressler
Melissa BresslerMajor | Nursing
Graduation | May 2020
Erica Crooms
Erica CroomsMajor | HR and Sociology
Graduation | December 2017
Sarah Dahms
Sarah DahmsMajor | Dietetics
Graduation | May 2018
Lauren Hassett
Lauren HassettMajor | Mathematics
Graduation | December 2017
Carolyn Mask-Oats
Carolyn Mask-OatsMajor | Family Studies
Graduation | December 2017
Susana Padgham
Susana PadghamMajor | Psychology
Graduation | August 2017
Andrea Saldana
Andrea SaldanaMajor | Culinary Sciences
Graduation | May 2018
Breanna Sprouse
Breanna SprouseMajor | Nursing
Graduation | May 2020
Lindsey Steffensen
Lindsey SteffensenMajor | Nutrition
Graduation | May 2017

Thanks to our Supporters

On behalf of EWL, we would like to thank our partners and sponsors for their generous contributions which make it possible for us to support non-traditional college age women through education, mentoring and networking. Your generosity makes a real difference in the lives of EWL’s STARs.

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