Supporting women to achieve their highest potential.

Women leaders are the most untapped competitive edge for the future global world. The most astute organizations know that women have unique strengths and perspectives necessary to become a driving force in leading change. Empowering Women as Leaders (EWL) was founded in 2004 as a non-profit organization in the spirit of women supporting women to change the world.

Our Mission

To support women in achieving their highest potential through scholarships, mentoring and networking.

Our Vision

Our vision is that:

  • Women achieve success despite financial, educational & social obstacles.
  • Successful women are fulfilled by sharing their wisdom and resources.

Not only does EWL provide scholarships, each STAR recipient also receives mentoring throughout the duration of her college education and during the next two years after graduation. Their mentors are women who have worked to achieve success both personally and professionally.

In all that we do, EWL members:

  • Promote mentoring and education.
  • Leverage personal success to help other women succeed.
  • Uphold the highest standard of ethics.
  • Are professional.

EWL Non Traditional college age definition

Delays enrollment of college and does not
enter post secondary education until age 23 or older

Attends college full time.

Is considered financially independent for
purpose of determining eligibility of financial aid.

Thanks to our Supporters

On behalf of EWL, we would like to thank our partners and sponsors for their generous contributions which make it possible for us to support non-traditional college age women through scholarships, mentoring and networking. Your generosity makes a real difference in the lives of EWL’s STARs.

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